Office of Management and Budget


    The mission of the Office of Management and Budget is to continuously improve the quality of life for the citizens of Hendry County by optimizing the use of County financial resources through effective planning, analysis, streamlining, development and implementation of county services.  


The Office of Management and Budget consists of the following:

  • Budget
  • Grants 
  • EMS (Emergency Services)
  • EM (Emergency Management)
  • Facilities
  • Veteran Services
  • Libraries
The OMB Department is also the liaison for Court Administration, Soil Conservation, and the Hendry/LaBelle Recreation Board.  
Contact Information:

Jennifer Davis

Office of Management and Budget Director

P.O. Box 2340

LaBelle, Fl  33975

Phone:  863-675-5329

Fax:  863-674-4194