Alton "Kid" Jones Park

               ALTON “KID JONES” PARK                                                                 

      The Kid Jones Park was completed in 2009. This park has the   only covered and lighted basketball court in LaBelle. Kid Jones is 3 acres in size and has a playground for younger children, a covered pavilion, ¼ mile walking trail, baseball fields and restrooms. The pack has several picnic tables and a swing set. Kid Jones has a large covered pavilion available for rent. This park also has a new addition of a gazebo. There is a lot of open space for people to enjoy picnics, children to run and plenty of ground for games like kick ball, football and relay races. The park is home to the Black Heritage Festival which   is held every third Saturday in May. This festival is a celebration of the     cultural diversity of LaBelle citizens. This park is located at 450     Suwanee Avenue in LaBelle, Florida.