County Administrator

JD Headshot
Jennifer Davis, Hendry County Administrator

The County Administrator is the highest ranking non-elected official of the County and as the Board is responsible and accountable to the citizens, so is the County Administrator. The County Administrator’s Office consists of the County Administrator and executive administrative support staff.   The County Administrator acts as the chief administrative officer of Hendry County government.  The position is appointed by and reports directly to the Board of County Commissioners, who may require policy analysis, evaluation, and recommendations to fulfill their duty in governing the County.

The County Administrator provides services to both internal and external customers.  The primary internal customers of the office include County staff who seek policy and operational advisement, guidance, and direction.  The primary purpose of the County Administrator’s Office is to facilitate the delivery of public services consistent with the priorities, initiatives, and other policies of the Board of County Commissioners.  The County Administrator provides leadership and direction to County employees in the implementation of programs designed to provide for the health, safety, and overall welfare of the public.  Actions through this office are developed from Board of County Commissioners policy direction to manage the operation of County functions to ensure the delivery of cost effective, customer-responsive public services within the relative parameters of available resources.

There are a myriad of environmental factors that affect the work of the County Administrator.  These factors address a number of issues that shape the framework in which the County Administrator must implement policy.  The acknowledgement of these factors is reflected in the formulation of “Management Initiatives.”  Some of these include topic areas such as revenue enhancement and financial planning, employee compensation and staffing, facilities management, information technology, vehicle and equipment maintenance, and other general government issues. Beyond local environmental factors, the County Administrator must also consider and facilitate the implementation of policy that is sensitive to regional, statewide, and national issues.

The major challenges faced by the County Administrator are ongoing and endless in scope as the County progresses towards becoming a “High Performance Organization.”  The major laws that govern and guide the work of the County Administrator’s Office can be found in the Florida Constitution, The Laws of Florida, and the Florida Statutes Chapter 125, as well as, the Hendry County Code of Ordinances.