Permit pickup locations:

Hendry County Engineering

99 East Cowboy Way LaBelle, FL 33935



Clewiston Satellite Office

Clewiston Building Department

100 East El Paso Ave. Clewiston, FL 33440




 New Driveway: $75.00

Existing Driveway: $25.00

(You can pay by check or exact cash in LaBelle)
The Clewiston Satellite Office accepts credit cards in addition to cash & checks.

Complete application & pay by credit card over the phone without visting an office
by calling 863-983-1464 for a small service fee. 


 Complete original Right-of-way usage permits at one of the locations listed above.

If you're located out of Hendry County completed forms can also be mailed to Hendry County Engineering at Post Office Box 1607, LaBelle, FL 33975 along with a check for payment. 

click here to print→  Driveway Permit 

(New Driveway)

 1. New driveways must have location staked prior to initial inspection.


2. All applicants wanting to pour concrete must have form inspected prior to pouring concrete.

3. Once elevation grades are set please contact: 
Sherry Chapman at 863-675-5223 or  for culvert or swale specifications. You must set specified culvert to set elevation grades.

4. After culvert is set (before covering) contact the Hendry County Engineering office to set up final inspection.

5. When final inspection is done and work is approved, you must cover culvert with FDOT approved Shell rock.


(Existing Driveway)

 1. Inspector will approve or disapprove existing driveway conditions during initial driveway inspections. If addition work or materials is needed, you will be notified