General Information

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7AM TO 5:30PM 

Contact Information:
Jerry Jones - Road & Bridge General Superintendent


Phone: (863) 674-5383

(Felda, Port LaBelle, LaBelle, Fort Denaud, Pioneer, Lehigh (off Wheeler Road)

Jerry Jones - Road & Bridge General Superintendent

Phone: (863) 675-5383
Fax: (863) 612-2941
99 East Cowboy Way, LaBelle, FL 33935
PO Box 1607, LaBelle, FL 33975

Neydel Rego - LaBelle Area Project Leader

Phone: (863) 612-4724
Fax: (863) 612-2941

LaDeca, Montura/Flaghole, Clewiston

David Chapman - Clewiston Area Project Leader


1381 Evercane Road, Clewiston, FL 33440
PO Box 1607, LaBelle, FL 33975
Phone: (863) 673-2009 Fax: (863) 612-2941

Services Provided:

The Road and Bridge Department provides maintenance of the following within dedicated County right-of-ways :

Roadside swales
Pavement patching
Tree trimming
Bridge operations
Drainage canals



For Your Information:

FDOT provides maintenance on State roads (863) 674-4027.

The Cities provide maintenance within their city limits - City of LaBelle (863) 675-6355 & City of Clewiston (863) 983-1500.

Port LaBelle residents should contact Port LaBelle Community Development District (863) 675-5770.

Port LaBelle Homeowner's in Unit 4 or Unit 5 should contact Port LaBelle Homeowner's Association (863) 675-4168.

 Montura Ranch residents should contact Central County (863) 983-5797.


 Permitted Right-of-Way Use :

  • Mail Boxes - No permit necessary. They should be set with the bottom of the box between 42" and 48" above the mail stop surface and 30" from the edge of roadway. Mailboxes on curbed streets shall be set with the face of the box between 6" and 12" back from the face if curb. Mailboxes in rural highways shall be set with the roadside face of the box offset from the edge of the traveled way a minimum distance of shoulder width plus 8" to 12". At driveway entrances,  mailboxes shall be placed on the far side of the driveway in the direction of the delivery route.
  • Driveway and Utility - A permit must be obtained from the Engineering Department.


Right-of-Way NOT Allowed :

  • No construction debris of any type including lumber, wire, metal, dry wall, insulation, tile, roofing, etc.
  • No parking of vehicles, trailers, boats, etc.
  • No permanent structures
  • No fences, gates, trees, etc.


Violators will be notified by Code Enforcement aNotice of Violation advising the
homeowner to remove objects from the right-of-way as soon as possible. 
The right-of-ways must stay clear of debris,
fences, and parked vehicles so the Road and Bridge Department can properly maintain the area.  

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