Utility permits can be dropped off at the location listed below or
emailed to the email address also listed below.

Attached to the permit there needs to be a sketch or set of plans.


Contact Information :

Kelly A. O'Nan, Project Administrator
Transit / Public Works

Engineering Office
99 East Cowboy way, La Belle, FL 33935
(863) 612-4727

Utility Permit  ←click to print



1. The construction or maintenance of such utility shall not interfere with the property rights of a prior occupant.


2. All work shall be done in keeping with standards of Hendry County and under the supervision of the County Engineer.

3. All materials and equipment shall be subject to inspection by the County Engineer.


4. During the construction all safety regulations of the County Engineer shall be observed and the County shall be relieved of all responsibility from damage or liability of damage of any nature arising from work authorized under this permit.


5. All County property shall be restored to its original condition as far as practical, to the satisfaction of the County Engineer.


6. All overhead installations shall conform to clearance standards of the County, and all underground crossing installations shall be placed at a minimum depth of thirty (30) inches below the pavement and a minimum depth of eighteen (18) inches below the roadside ditch. Exceptions may be made in special cases by authority from the County Engineer.


7. The attached sketch covering details of this installation shall be made a part of this permit. If additional plans are required, they shall become a part of this permit.


8. It is expressly stipulated that this permit is a license for permissive use only and that the placing of facilities upon public property pursuant to this permit shall not operate to create or to vest any property right of said holder.


9. Whenever necessary for the construction, repair, improvement, alteration or relocation of all, or any portion of said highway as determined by the County Engineer, any or all of said poles, wires, pipes, cables or other facilities and appurtenances authorized hereunder, shall be immediately removed from said highway, or reset or relocated thereon as required by the County Engineer, and at the expense of the holder.


10. Grassing and/or seeding of R/W disturbed is required after completion of all utility work.


11. If an open trench is permitted, the applicant shall provide a cash deposit. Such check to be released one year after completion of work or shall be applied to the cost of repairing unsatisfactorily restored pavement.


12. Requests for inspection shall be made 24 hours prior to commencing work requiring inspection.