LaBelle Boat Ramp
LaBelle Boat Ramp - Copy (2)

The LaBelle Boat Ramp is located on the north side of the Caloosahatchee River just over the bridge in LaBelle, 363 Old County Road 78. The river is approximately 75 miles long; its meandering tributaries run from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico.
The Calusas and early settlers used the river as a highway to gain access to different areas of the state.  The banks of the river are lush with ferns and stately oaks. This river is thriving with fish of all kinds. Largemouth bass, catfish, speckled perch and tilapia love the brackish water.
The LaBelle Boat Ramp is a slipway on the shore of the Caloosahatchee River where boats can be moved to and from the water. The ramp is made of concrete and continues well below the low water level of the river. The ramp is a double lane two slip ramp making it easier to load and unload your boat. A trailer can run down the ramp until the boat floats or is pulled off. When recovering the boat it can easily be winched back onto the trailer. The park is 2 acres in size and has restroom facilities. There are 2 pavilions with picnic tables and grills and an area under the oaks with several picnic tables. There are 18 parking slots for autos and trailers available. There are 3 docks for mooring, 2 are 30 feet and 1 is 50 foot in length. One of many of LaBelle’s hidden treasures.