Purchase Assistance 


Hendry County Housing Department encourages you to follow these ten steps in order, and as

completely as possible, to ensure that your loan and home are the best possible fit for you and your

family and that your home buying experience is positive and without stress.


1.Visit a housing counselor. A housing counselor , who is a trained professional , can help you take

a realistic look at what you can expect form homeownership and what steps

you need to take to become a homeowner.


2.Get your finances in order. Order your credit report, correct any

inaccuracies , improve your credit before you meet with a lender. Keep

in mind there is no quick fix for improving your credit score. Start now.


3.Down Payment and Closing Cost Program. Purchase assistance

can come form multiples places. Lenders often have special loan

programs that you can include some of the closing cost, the Seller has

the ability to contribute to cover some of the cost and Hendry County SHIP program is in place to

provide purchase assistance for those that qualify.


4.Make sure homeownership fits your lifestyle. Homeownership is not for everyone. Owning a

home requires a significant commitment of time , energy and resources. Making the right housing

choice for you whether to rent or buy depends on your finances, values and goals. Ultimately , you

make this decision for yourself.


5.Shop around for everything related to your home purchase. Homeownership is about

choices. Purchasing a home is probably going to be your largest purchase ever. Make informed

decisions about your mortgage , insurance , maintenance , repairs,

utilities , taxes and resale value. Shop around and make the best



6.Get pre-approved for financing before shopping for a home.

After you have chosen the best mortgage lender for you set up a

meeting . Before you start looking for a home so you will know

exactly what you can afford and find the best interest rate and



7.Carefully select a location. “Location, location, location!” When you buy a home, you are

making an investment, and the neighborhood is a prime factor in how good an investment your home

turns out to be. Research, schools, property tax rates, insurance rates, crime..


8.Get a professional home inspection. When you make an offer to purchase a home, you

should include a condition or contingency for a home inspection that indicates the the home has no

major system problems. Get the home inspected. If there are problems address them with the seller

for immediate repair.


9.Avoid rushing. Sometimes enormous time pressures are put on the homebuyers to race

through the deal . It is easy to be blinded to “bad deals” when pressure is applied by different

parties. Always be willing to walk away from someone using high pressure sales tactics.


10.Homeownership always cost more than you think it will. While it is fairly easy to anticipate

the initial cost needed to purchase a home , it often more difficult to plan for ongoing cost. Do not be

surprised by costly basic upkeep . Repairs often are unexpected expenses , so it is important that

you always have an available cash reserve. Save your money on a regular basis establish a House

emergency fund .