Hendry County Housing

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, (sometimes referred to as “Section 8”) provides rental assistance to low income families in the private rental market, forming a partnership with participants and landlords. Hendry County Public Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program has provided families with the opportunity to secure quality housing in neighborhoods of their choice. Funded at the federal level through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, rent subsidies (vouchers) allow families to pay a reasonable share of their income toward rent while the program, within specific limits, makes up the difference.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program enables low-income residents of Hendry County to rent from private landlords with rental assistance administered by the Housing Department. This extremely popular housing option provides low-income residents the opportunity to live anywhere in Hendry County in private rental housing. The HCPHA Housing Choice Voucher Program provides monthly housing assistance to households. Participants come from an established waiting list. Applications for this program are available only when the wait list is open. Eligibility for a rental voucher is based on annual gross income and is limited to U.S. citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.