Hendry County Social Services


Hendry County is pleased to be a partner with United Way with The Salvation Army to provide assistance to citizens of Hendry County.


Immediate Assistance

If you need immediate assistance, please call 211.  This is the United Way hotline and someone will answer 24 hours/day.  211 will not work on some hotel, cell or pay phones. If this is the case, please call 1-800-887-9234.


Hendry County has contracted with the United Way to provide emergency food and shelter needs for qualified recipients.  The United Way along with The Salvation Army have many resources and work with dozens of organizations to help meet the need of the community.  


United Way / Salvation Army House Locations:


133 N. Bridge Street

LaBelle, Fl  33935



969 W. Sugarland Highway

Clewiston, Fl  33440