General Information

Hendry County Special Districts Department


Mission Statement

To assist the public to the best of our ability, while managing the budget, purchasing and day to day tasks for all divisions of the Waste Management Department, Lighting Districts, Roads/Drainage Districts, Recreation and Mosquito Control Departments.

The Special Districts Department was created by the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners on February 5th, 1990, by Resolution Number 90-14.

The department was created and a Director was appointed to carry out the administration and budgeting of established Special Districts and Municipal Service Taxing and Benefit Units (MSBU/MSTU).  A Special District or MSBU/MSTU is a designated area, where there is a specific need; i.e., lighting, drainage, road maintenance, recreation, fire protection, waste management or mosquito control; and the property owners are not otherwise taxed to cover the costs to provide these services.  The district is created, a boundary is set, a budget is developed for the cost of the service and the owners are assessed non-ad Valorem fees.

Currently, the roads and drainage districts are largely maintained by the County Road Department.  Advise and guidance is given by the Engineer and Road Superintendent on capital projects, as well as day to day maintenance.  These districts are regulated by the South Florida Water Management District for surface water flow and conservation.